Brita Water Filter System with Filter, offers great tasting water right from your tap without the expense of bottled water. With the right guidance and expertise we hope to bring an informative documentation of the correct use of water filter systems in the home.


Aug 18, 2007
@ 4:24 am

These are the Brita Classic Water Filters I was referring to.

These are the Brita Classic Water Filters I was referring to.


Aug 17, 2007
@ 12:55 pm
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Where to buy Brita Water Filters

Where do I buy Brita Water Filters is a question I often get asked.

Most people who know me, know that I run a domestic appliance repair business and would rather ask me the most simplest of questions rather than spending a little time researching Brita Water Filters for themselves. I guess they trust me to give an honest as I can opinion.

As a business operator I tend to build a relationship with my suppliers before I draw an opinion as things can change so quickly. The Brita Water filter supplier I work closely with now have given me years of support and expertise and would say they know their product very well. One water filter in particular is the Brita Classic Cartridge

This Brita Water Filters fits all Fjord, Atlantis, Aluna & Optimax systems, the Classic BRITA cartridges contain a combination of ion exchange resin and activated carbon.
The carbon absorbs chlorine, pesticides and organic pollutants, improves taste, and eliminates odours and discoloration. It also contains an inhibitor that prevents bacterial growth. The ion exchange resin removes the temporary hardness, which causes limescale; it also significantly reduces levels of metals such as aluminium, copper and lead.

This is how they describe this Brita Water Filters on their website and I have used this information to give my own customers quality product information.


Aug 16, 2007
@ 5:01 pm
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Brita Water Filters affect on Healthy Living

Using Brita Water Filters can have an amazing affect on your health and wellness in my honest opinion.
Why would I say that. I don’t work for Brita (tm).
If you check out their website they stake a claim that ‘Drinking lots of water will keep you fit’.
Well next to drinking Beer, I guess this is true.

You see, where I live at the foot of the Snowdonia mountains, we have water in abundance. It practically runs past your front door, just ask the residents of Llanrwst they will vouch for me.

What’s this got to do with Brita Water Filters I here you say.
Well our local water board don’t want us to drink the pure welsh water of the mountains, they want us to drink the rubbish that comes from our taps and have the cheek to charge for it.

We all know they put additives in the water but why do we have to put up with drinking it. I for one won’t that’s why I prefer to filter all my water before I drink it. The filtration takes out all the heavy particles, any impurities and nasty odours from the water. This makes it a delight to drink especially when it is chilled using my under counter water chiller.

If yo drink say a litre and a half of water each day it can purify the body as it flushes out all the poisons in the body and it does wonders for your skin. Lets take me for instance. I love to eat boiled sweets, I have always had a sweet tooth but since I gave up the cigarettes 8 years ago I seem to have replaced them eating sweets.

Now if you over indulge your body can’t cope with the extra sugar intake and in my case would react with small boils on the skin. It was then I discovered that drinking lots of filtered water would cleanse my body and skin.

I don’t eat as many sweets now but I continue my drinking filter water regime.